Lightdancer Healing Institute is dedicated to promoting the well-being and growth of individuals, couples, and groups in a safe and nurturing setting.

As the founder of Lightdancer, I am committed to the healing of the heart and spirit, as well as the mind, in all persons seeking services at our institute. By including the heart and spirit, we are better able to sustain a path of happiness and vitality for ourselves and create healthier relationships with others.

The heart can be gleeful, the mind can be serene,
and the spirit can soar.

   As an additional bonus, all of us can take satisfaction in knowing that as we heal, we create a space for others to do the same. This space expands to include our families, communities, and ultimately, our beloved planet.

 At Lightdancer Healing Institute we build on the time honored elements of traditional psychotherapy by including healing modalities which expand and deepen inner healing. These methods shine a light on the rich psyche under the surface, allowing us to revise flawed perceptions and make new choices. Because of this depth, sessions at Lightdancer provide integrated, positive movement forward in a shorter time than “talk therapy” alone.

A further description of healing methods is available by clicking on the links to the left. I invite you to peruse the services offered at Lightdancer Healing Institute.