Regina Marian, RN, BSN, MA (formerly Rottmund) has been in the healing field for 30 years
. Initially her study and experience was as a Registered Nurse. Even then  Regina repeatedly found herself  in a counseling position with patients and coworkers alike. When employed in the public school system,  the school counselors teased that more students came to her office than theirs. Regina got the message. This epiphany led her to pursue a
Master’s Degree in Counseling from the University of Colorado

in Boulder.  Regina likes to say becoming a psychotherapist chose her before she chose it.

    In addition to her university degrees, after years of study Regina obtained a practitioner’s certification through the Transformational Healing Institute. She was a co-owner of Waterford Healing Arts Center, then in 1994  founded Lightdancer Healing Institute to meet the needs of her clients and the community.

During the practice of her career, Regina has integrated her
foundational education and experience with
knowledge gleaned from a variety of progressive healing modalities.
She believes in the efficacy of bridging traditional and alternative therapy methods by including the best of both.

Viewing healing and learning as being on a continuum,  Regina enhances her abilities by studying with spiritual masters and other teachers in an ongoing manner.

You can also visit Regina's LightDancer Ceremonies at

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