Couple’s work at Lightdancer Healing Institute is intended to maximize relationships. This can look like:

            Mending a wounded relationship
            Lovingly ending a relationship
            Taking a relationship from “good to phenomenal” (as one client proclaimed)

            Essentially, when we enter a significant relationship, we bring with us the sum total of who we are - our individual selves, life experiences, beliefs, past wounds, and  the strong influence of  early role models for relationship - positive or negative.  The union two people create is an amalgam of these ingredients.

             In couples work, not only does each person look at their own issues, each individual needs to recognize the experience of the other. Every relationship is a soul partnership that can promote our own healing AND the healing of the other. Once we have a deep experience of the other’s inner world, each  can become the healer as well as the healee in the relationship.

             At  Lightdancer Healing Institute we help the couple to:

            The Meditative Process is a great adjunct in couple’s work. Through this process we bring to the surface our deeply held emotions, reservations, and fears. By assessing the rich psyche, previously unseen patterns become apparent. We are then able to make new choices which better serve the self, the other, and the relationship - whatever that looks like.


by Javan

 If you should try
To understand me
Through the eyes
Of your experiences
Your only understanding
Will be misunderstanding

 For we have walked different paths
And have known different fears
And that which brings you laughter
Just might bring me tears

So if you can learn
To accept me
And the strange things
I say and do

Maybe through your acceptance
You will gain understanding

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