Private Individual Sessions
Beyond our basic inheritance, we all are influenced by the situations, people and experiences in our lives. Hopefully, most of this influence is positive. What is not leaves behind wounds and scars in the psyche that can stand as an obstacle to our moving forward, establishing healthy relationships, experiencing the fullness of the self, and living an abundant existence. more>>

Couples/Relationship Healing
In couples work, not only does each person look at their own issues, each individual needs to recognize the experience of the other. Every relationship is a soul partnership that can promote our own healing AND the healing of the other. .  more>>

Groups and Classes
Groups and classes at Lightdancer Healing Institute are designed to provide both learning and support.  As such, each gathering revolves around a particular topic, while a healing group dynamic is promoted at the same time. more>>

Workshops, like the classes and groups at Lightdancer Healing Institute, focus around a particular topic of learning and healing.  more>>

Weddings and Rituals
Weddings and commitment ceremonies are a celebration of  the most intimate of all relationships. They sanctify the promise to love, share, trust, and grow with another person. The ceremony is a transition ritual marking the beginning of a new chapter in ones life.  more>>