Philosophy of Healing    

            Beyond our basic inheritance, we all are influenced by the situations, people and experiences in our lives. Hopefully, most of this influence is positive. What is not leaves behind wounds and scars in the psyche that can stand as an obstacle to our moving forward, establishing healthy relationships, experiencing the fullness of the self, and living an abundant existence.

            More specifically, when one of our wounds is activated we  feel a heaviness inside - especially in our hearts. This heaviness indicates a wound we are carrying. Wounds and scars combine to create pain in the soul, as well as the heart. Often, in order to survive, we normalize this and/or repeat patterns which do not serve us.

             Lightdancer Healing Institute offers the healing of recent or longstanding woundedness through Private Individual Sessions for a more gratifying, uplifted way of life.  By healing, we are able to come to a place of choice and empowerment.

Individual Sessions are healing because they can...



Healing modalities at Lightdancer bring together traditional and alternative methods. 

                   Traditional psychotherapy  

                                    promotes insight,
                                    presents an opportunity for emotional expression, and
                                    provides affirmation and validation of the client.

Building on this foundation alternate methods

                                     take healing into profound, internal levels
                                    primarily through the use of the Meditative Process.

           The Meditative Process is an eyes closed, heart focused conduit to the deepest level of our existence. It is here in the heart and soul that our inner being can bring to the surface that which needs to be healed in a gentle, nurturing way. When the unconscious is accessed through the Mediative Process, nonproductive behaviors and patterns can be changed on the conscious level.

            Interactive processes which have stood the test of time at Lightdancer Healing Institute enable us to

Feel, it, Heal it, and  Release it.

 These processes soothe the soul and restore wellbeing.

This may look like . . .

            We have found this work to be extremely effective for

LGBT Issues
Women’s issues
Incest and sexual/physical abuse
Situational crises
And more

Because of the depth of this work, healing takes a much shorter time than talk therapy alone.  

Short term therapy for long term gain.

We recommend  hour and a half length sessions. However, for your convenience, one hour sessions also are available.


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