Weddings and commitment ceremonies are a celebration of  the most intimate of all relationships. They sanctify the promise to love, share, trust, and grow with another person. The ceremony is a transition ritual marking the beginning of a new chapter in ones life.


            Regina, an ordained Non-Denominational Minister at  Lightdancer Healing Institute, offers personalized ceremonies to couples reflecting their uniqueness, their love, and their spiritual beliefs. Among other options, couples may choose to include:

                        special readings, poems or  prayers
                        personal thoughts and feelings,
                        ancient rituals,
                        contemporary traditions, and
                        inclusion of family and friends.

            Each ceremony can be an individualized  expression of the couple’s commitment. As the officiant, Regina provides the creative space to bring their vision into reality, whether the ceremony is large or small, simple or elaborate, indoor or in nature.

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               Rituals are an important part of life. They are used as rites of passage, and they also mark events as significant. Rituals prepare individuals for change by affirming and welcoming that change, whether a change of season or changes in a person’s life.

            Participating in rituals that honor who we are in the present, and who we are becoming, bring richness to our life experience.

Personal rituals can commemorate:
entering  womanhood or manhood,
coming out,
marriage or union,
home blessings,
motherhood or fatherhood,
dissolution of union,
entering the crowning years,
passing over.

Other rituals can acknowledge:
folk traditions, such as Beltane and All Hallows,
growing times and harvest times,
solstices and equinoxes,
Earth honoring events,
creating states of being, such as peace or friendship. 

                                                                        And more. 

If you are interested in having a ritual designed for you or your event, contact Regina at 303-444-3422.

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