Lightdancer Open Heart Healing, LLC (formerly Lightdancer Healing Institute) is dedicated to deep healing of the heart and spirit
for individuals, couples and groups in a safe and nurturing setting.
As the founder of Lightdancer Open Heart Healing, and being a therapist and teacher for over 30 years, I came to know early on that the heart is the entrance to the healing world. By focusing in the heart with a healing intent, we can reach the higher states of lightness and wellbeing we all crave.
A healed and open heart allows our inner self and outer self to align. Body and spirit come together so that we can live with vitality and gratefulness for our time on Mother Earth. It also enhances our relationships with, and connection to, all other living beings with which we share our beloved planet.
A further description of healing methods is available by clicking on the links.
Blessings for Fierce Love and Divine Expansion!

Groups & Workshops

Groups and workshops at Lightdancer Open Heart Healing are designed to provide healing, spiritual expansion and support in a Sacred Space. As such, each gathering revolves around a particular theme, while a heartfelt group dynamic is created at the same time.

Individual Sessions

Lightdancer Open Heart Healing offers private individual sessions for healing and spiritual upliftment. By bridging psychotherapy with a heart centered, inner focus, any woundedness past and present will rise to the surface to be addressed.