Philosophy of Healing and Spiritual Upliftment

As beings of body and soul, we come into this world with quite an adventure ahead of us. As it unfolds, we all are influenced by the situations, people and experiences we encounter. Hopefully most of this is positive. What is not leaves behind scars in our hearts and wounds in our spirit, which can remain as obstacles to our moving forward in a fulfilling way – often affecting our relationships and preventing us from the rich and abundant existence we had hoped would occur. Fortunately, healing and spiritual upliftment is available to us!

The intention at Lightdancer Open Heart Healing in Boulder, Colorado is not only to heal our inner woundedness, but also to find our light. Deep inside we desire to be open in mind and body, heart and spirit, experiencing upliftment and inspiration in our daily lives.
Bridging psychotherapy and healing of the spirit
with Regina Marian, RN, MA in counseling