Groups and Workshops

Groups and workshops at Lightdancer Open Heart Healing are designed to provide healing, spiritual expansion and support in a Sacred Space. As such, each gathering revolves around a particular theme, while a heartfelt group dynamic is created at the same time.

Within the groups, various processes, exercises, and mediations assist us in clearing, releasing and transmuting into light the non-beneficial energies we may have been carrying for a very long time. The resulting healing energy we then radiate out to share with our families, friends, neighbors, communities, the world and the universe.

We are blessed to have profound helpers from the Divine realms with us in these healing and expansion processes.

It is the intention of every gathering that participants leave with the sense of UPLIFTMENT and INSPIRATION that results from a healing experience. Much of that experience is in the higher planes of Divine Consciousness. Groups are powerful as

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”

Examples of classes and workshops include:

  • The Soul Class
  • Rising of the Deep Feminine
  • Whole Body Healed
  • Dream Workshop
  • Akashic Soul Journey
  • The Nature Connection

    For information on upcoming groups or workshops, please contact Regina at 0r 303-444-3422.


Since Spring of 2017 a Sister Circle has been meeting monthly at the  Lightdancer space on each New Moon. Through the Global Sisterhood organization, on every new moon, thousands of soulful women in 80+ countries gather in Sister Circles to connect to their truths, empower one another, and catalyze the transformation and progress of our world.
This event is free and open to all women.