Individual Sessions

Lightdancer Open Heart Healing in Boulder, Colorado offers private individual sessions for healing and spiritual upliftment. By bridging psychotherapy with a heart centered, inner focus, any woundedness past and present will rise to the surface to be addressed. I refer to this inner focus as the Meditative Process, an eyes closed attention to the heart which accelerates transformational healing. Clients then are able to release pain, feel a lightening of spirit, and regain a sense of the true self.

We are blessed at Lightdancer during healing sessions to have the support and assistance of the Divine “Healing Beings” and the wisdom of the “Ancient Earth Spirits” – including the gifts of the Ancient Grandmothers. Heaven and Earth comes together to help us all.

Individual Sessions can look like:
  • Identifying and attending to the needs of the inner self (younger or present)
  • Revising limiting belief structure
  • Calling back the parts of our spirit which have shattered from trauma or abuse
  • Releasing unhealthy psychic cords we have with others
  • Healing Past Lives
  • Addressing issues held within energy chakras
  • Clearing and transmuting detrimental energy
  • Restoring self-love and forgiveness
  • Reviving the vitality of the Divine Spark within us.
  • Receiving the guidance of the higher realms

The modalities of Lightdancer Open Heart Healing have been found to be extremely effective for most maladies of heart and spirit.

My recommendation for further Upliftment: figure out what makes you happy and do that as much as possible. Figure out what makes you unhappy and don’t do that.