Pearl Street Mall, Boulder CO

It was suggested that testimonials be elicited from clients about the healing work Regina facilitates at Lightdancer Open Heart Healing. The response was overwhelming.  What a blessing!

A warm thank you to all who provided these kind words in such a big hearted way.

You know I love you and your incredible work so let’s shout it high from the mountain tops.  Come to Regina…get on with your life and be healthy and happy!!! Here’s my two cents… I have worked with Regina for many years now.  Both individual sessions and workshops.  I feel incredibly blessed to have found her.  Her work is amazing.  She specializes in getting you back on your feet quickly and giving you the tools you need to keep yourself going. Do yourself a favor,  make the appointment, you won’t regret it!
SP, Parker, CO
The experience at Lightdancer uniquely blends traditional psychotherapy with diverse non-traditional techniques.  Previously my therapy consisted of my conscious analysis and reflection. The work at Lightdancer bypasses my (well-worn) conscious process, allowing for a deeper, unconscious process to emerge. My own personal growth stems directly from this deeper, multi-layered work as do the changes I make.  The work is truly transformational.
JG, Boulder, CO
I have been working with Regina for almost two years. Together we have been through so much. I have done one-on-one work as well as workshop work. But probably the most profound was our ‘inner work’.  Inner work is a type of meditation. One particular ‘meditation’ I called in my father to be there in spirit so I could ask him to stop fighting all of my battles.  A few weeks later I called my father on the phone, asking for his help. After almost 30 years of fighting my battles, my father said “you need to learn how to do this on your own”. It was so out of character for my father, but it was exactly what I had asked for during my inner work.  Shocked, I told Regina what my dad had said but she wasn’t surprised.  I had goose bumps on my body when she referred to the inner work and thought to myself…wow, this stuff really does work. Regina is comforting, understanding, nonjudgmental, and she heals the whole self.  She takes everything into consideration, mind, body, spirit, heart and soul.  I look forward to seeing her because she is an amazing therapist and has become a friend.  She listens and she shares. Regina has brought so much light into my life. The world would definitely be a better place if we could all see Regina.
CC, Boulder, CO
Regina certainly has a genius for going to the heart of the matter, then making everything clear, simple, and understood.  She’s providing a safe, productive & nurturing environment where my husband isn’t threatened by “feelings” & we don’t give up on each other.  Now I feel very optimistic about our ability to communicate about our core issues and resolving our conflicts. Thank you, Regina.
EL, Lafayette, CO
This letter is in reference to services provided by Regina Marian of Light Dancer Healing Institute.  Regina has been my individual therapist for over 5 years.  She has also worked with my partner and myself in couples therapy on numerous, necessary occasions. Regina is much more than the typical therapist with a stopwatch waiting for the session to be over. She is a human being who genuinely cares about her clients.  I can recall a session where my partner and I could not resolve an argument and Regina kept us for over two hours until we calmed down and found love in our bitter, little hearts again.  She is intuitive, insightful, healing, caring, loving and most of all fun. On a personal level, I am not the easiest of clients.  I can be a down right pain in the butt.  When Regina gets close to something that is hot and sticky in terms of personal trauma, I try to change the subject, run out of the room, pull a fire alarm…. And she just turns the alarm off, trips me on my way out of the room, and redirects me right back to that subject.  She continues to be extremely loving every step of the way. Regina has performed inner work with me regarding my personal adoption issues and specifically my insecurity around love.  The depth in which I was capable of going with Regina, has been life changing and so incredibly empowering.  I cannot think of a better person to trust to help with such sensitive issues. From belly laughter to tears, Regina is by far one of the best Spiritual Beings on this planet.  Just being around her can heal whatever is ailing you.
BEM, Boulder, CO
Lightdancer Open Heart Healing Boulder CO with REgina Marian, RN, MA
I have taken many of Regina’s workshops and trainings as well as doing one on one work with her.  Her gentle techniques of taking you inside your heart/mind for the healing process are powerful and transforming. After relaxing you, she guides you to a deeper consciousness in order to see patterns in your life that may have held you hostage. With her soothing manner, she helps you forgive yourself and others. She also uses her incredible wisdom to guide you to be able to see what might need to happen to finally heal an emotional wound that has driven you and/or your life. She helped me unlock my own inner wisdom to know when to hold and to know when to fold, so to speak. She has many processes to use and she is masterful at choosing the correct process for what is needed at that particular time. Regina’s caring voice and her tender and loving approach allowed me to move forward in my life around multiple painful issues with a new found compassion for myself and the others involved in my situations. Regina is a compassionate and remarkable healer.
VW, Boulder, CO
I met Regina over a decade ago, at the young age of 19, when I began to take classes offered by her on connecting with nature, the divine feminine, as well as other workshops.  I worked with her on an individual basis, as well.  Regina is one of those rare people in life that embodies a warm, down-to-earth manner married with an inspiring optimism—she believes that her students and clients can truly create the lives that they desire.  She not only believes this, she has devoted her life to developing tools and rituals that enable her clients to feel empowered and self-sufficient.  The process of learning and even struggling through difficult life changes is made so much more graceful by the teachings and methods of Regina.  Work with her is a process: of creativity, self-exploration, an investigation of one’s place in a connected earth and a tutelage in living day-to-day life with consciousness and grace.
SM, Oakland, CA
I have worked with Regina over more than a decade in individual and couple therapy sessions, classes and workshops. I have always found her to be insightful, using different techniques as a situation demands to help draw out of me the sources of and solutions to my issues. Some of the personal work I have done has been very intense, and Regina always maintained a feeling of safety for me that I haven’t always experienced with other practitioners. My work with her has been tremendously rewarding and has left me with skills that I can draw upon to this day to assist me in difficult circumstances. From her deep spirituality to her clinical knowledge of human processes, she draws on a wide range of experience to assist individuals on their journeys. I often recommend Regina to friends who have encountered a bump in their paths or who want to explore a deeper meaning of life.
TL, Boulder, CO
Regina is wise, caring and a trusted healer. My work and time with her in individual and group therapy has helped me grow stronger and realize more of my true self. She has a unique ability to help her clients clear away the fog that life can bring. I’ve found that her use of meditation during the healing process is a most effective means of getting to the heart of those issues needing to be addressed.
J.M., Denver, CO
I have been working with Regina for the over five years, having taken my first class, The Nature Connection, in the summer of 2001. I have taken almost every class or workshop since that time and have gained personal and spiritual growth that has truly enriched my life. Throughout the years, Regina has offered a wide variety of informative classes and workshops on many topics that she tailors to meet the needs of the group. Her vast knowledge and wonderful teaching skills have nurtured my spiritual awakening and have also provided me with tools to help my clinical depression. Regina adds a personal touch to her classes and incorporates musical and visual aspects to enhance our experiences. In addition to Regina’s wonderful guidance, I continue to take classes because of the other women who attend. Regina provides a safe and open environment and the members of each class are always respected. There may be laughter or tears at times, yet Regina maintains a supportive atmosphere for each person in addition to meeting the needs of the group. I have personally found that Regina’s classes and workshops have expanded my knowledge of history/cultures and of myself, have helped me with issues relevant to my past and to daily life, and have provided a connection to other women in a relaxed group setting. I sincerely look forward to continuing to learn and grow with Regina in the future…
WJS, Longmont, CO
Regina has truly touched my life!  I have been seeing her for 3 years now and I can classify my life into two segments…life before Regina and my life after meeting her!  I drive over 100 miles to see her, but I gladly do it every couple of weeks to see her for individual sessions as well as workshops and they are truly a joy.  After a session with Regina I truly feel like dancing.  Her insights give me useful tools for everyday life while honoring my sprituality and individuaility.   Having her in my life is a blessing.
NM, Vail, CO
I had tried traditional counseling for years, and never felt I was truly able to move forward from the past.  Regina’s unique method of physcotherapy enabled me to break free of old patterns- she changed my life!  I have also very much enjoyed her many workshops; they provide a calming, soothing space for gathering many wonderful people.  I have felt extremely self empowered and motivated to manifest productive, spiritual change in my life after participating in her workshops.
AK, Fort Collins, CO
I’m trying to remember the very first class that I took from Regina… I believe it was the Nature Connection during the summer of 2001, I think, as I have taken many classes and workshops with her over the last several years now… Regina has the remarkable ability to balance being highly organized with “going with the flow”. I have been very fortunate to have her teaching me about self-discovery, self-worth and spirituality. And I look forward to many more classes that Regina will offer in the future. One of the best memories that I have of Regina (and all the women who I have met through her) was at my 40th birthday celebration four years ago. Regina created a  wonderful ritual for me.  The ceremony took place around an outdoor fire pit at which I was honored by each woman with a thought and a simple gift. I truly felt honored and supported by their collective strength to forge ahead into the second half of my life. Well, the second half of my life has proved to be challenging to say the least! Something I really admire about Regina is how she comes up with her ideas for her classes and workshops. Regina’s intuition is right on target, and her organizational skills are excellent. I am just thrilled that I attended my very first class with her some six years ago – what’s next Regina?
AB, Niwot, CO
My first workshop with Regina was more than 10 years ago. Since then I’ve done other groups with her plus one-on-ones.  Regina is insightful, helpful and very life affirming. I recommend her highly.
AB, Boulder, CO